Rootkey Blockchain   A One-stop Service Provider
It sets foot in blockchain industry as a group and has Rootkey Blockchain, Rootkey News,
Shenlong Community, Xiao Longnv Live Show and Rootkey Capital.
Rootkey Samples
Rootkey contains many functions of excellent blockchain cases and successful projects. Based on these, Rootkey can quickly develop and upgrade blockchain projects.
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High scalability supports real-time online transactions of various digital assets. Secure wallet can sustain highly concurrent transactions. And international and secure system can support most mainstream and non-mainstream currencies.
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Game virtual assets and gameplay are uploaded to the chain. Then the ownership of assets can be confirmed and virtual assets can circulate in the market. Based on the concept of distributed game community, Rootkey can promote developers and players to reach a consensus of interests.
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Rootkey ensures safe, efficient, comprehensive and one-stop asset management of chain assets and services. Through multi-signature encryption, Rootkey can ensure digital assets security.
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Outstanding Projects
Rootkey has professional development team, expert consultant team at home and abroad, senior international market operators and competent business talents, which can provide full business services for blockchain start-ups, such as blockchain brand scheme, brand marketing scheme, new media marketing and planning scheme,legal consulting, token economy planning, blockchain technology implementation,etc.
Smart Contract Solution
Based on blockchain, Rootkey can provide customized development service of smart contract and realize the blockchain application. According to different business requirements, Rootkey can write corresponding smart contracts and establish blockchain applications that perform certain business logic through smart contracts. Therefore you can quickly deploy smart contracts and develop blockchain-based applications.
Main-chain Construction
Blockchain underlying technologies, centralized trust mechanism and efficient and stable system performance make it more convenient to deploy basic chain, smart contract and establish main chain basis.
Blockchain + Virtual Game
Blockchain can realize virtual game's functions such as education, trading, reproduction, competition, etc.You can refer to ETH cat, blockchain dog, WKC dog and so on.
Blockchain Smart Contract
Assets go through virtulization and then circulate in the market, thus realizing the value of digital currency through transactions and game interactions. You can refer to CryptoPlanet, CryptoCountries, Virtual City, etc.
White Paper Writing
Project Name/ Project Background/ Industry Trend/ Issues Resolution/ Technical Support/ Project Team/ Expert Consultant/ Release Plan/ Financial Control /Listing Planning
Token (Virtual Currency) Development
Token’s Chinese name, abbreviation of English name, total amount issuance, issuing cycle, issuance scope and initial price.
Project Promotion and Deployment
There is senior blockchain planning and operation team which can help you carry out early blockchain deployment and advance project progress.
Mining Machine System Development
Virtual mining machine can be used to conduct dynamic mining according to the length of online time, the amount of exercise and other factors. You can also fix your status based on the level of virtual mining machine to release tokens.
Trading System Development
The system supports currency trading, C2C over-the-counter trading, OTC trading and contract trading.
Blockchain Ecosystem Construction
Based on blockchain, Rootkey can build a membership ecosystem and a decentralized business ecology. Rootkey can also gather users in different social forms and use decentralized books to record user data and their transaction records.
Blockchain + Mall
It supports virtual currency mall of single merchants or multi-merchants, three-tier distribution system, points consumption and other customized services for mobile client.
Virtual Currency Wallet Development
It integrates many mainstream virtual currencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, BCC and so on.
Capital Services
Rootkey Capital:It can provide investment and financing business, market value management, quantitative trading, project incubation, free listing, resource connection, etc. The professional team will provide you with asset appreciation services.
UNI is committed to building a non-sensitive cross-chain hub. Its unique TPOS+RAFT multi-function consensus algorithm can meet the need of user account management, cross-chain asset quick cashing, multi-chain wallet management and one-click quick cashing of multi-chain assets. All of these help the free flow of assets, which enables more chains to be connected, ultimately forming a truly large ecosystem and a value-interoperable blockchain network.
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Project Incubation
It provides professional solutions, including legal policy consultation, technology consultation, foundation registration, entity and legal framework construction, global investment and financing for projects at home and abroad, coin listing on domestic and foreign exchanges, quantification and market value management and other services. All of them can totally meet the needs of enterprise for project development.
Media Services
Rootkey News: It provides news flash, press release, article writing, summit and roadshow organization, exclusive interview, poster and video producing, community building, event promotion, we-media promotion, exposure on WeChat public account, whitepaper writing and business plan drawing.
News Flash & Press Release
They can realize real-time report and rapid communication with wide audiences. And they are easy-to-use and can be released in the community and WeChat moment in time.
It can rapidly increase product popularity and establish brand reputation and credibility. Advertorial promotion can help enterprises to build brand images, enhance brand influence and reliability.
100-media Promotion
It utilizes Cointime, 8BTC, Huoxing 24,,,, and other mainstream media to jointly release news and advertorial articles.
Summit & Roadshow
It builds platforms for high-quality projects and capital owners to conduct face-to-face open communication and expand networks, thus enriching resources and increasing cooperation opportunities.
Exclusive Interview
It is a good way to show the public image and popularity of the company's representative, build a personal brand, as well as enhance corporate brand awareness and increase exposure and product value.
Community Building
It is useful for enhancing project consensus, attracting more audiences and strengthening user interactions. The decentralized communication and precise marketing can foster user identity.
Poster & Video Production
It can bring more visual impact and publicity with professional design.
Event Promotion
It will bring more users and increase company influence, thus enlarging the market and generating more economic benefits.
We-media Operation
Through signing up several we-media accounts, such as WeChat public account, Weibo, Cointime and so on, we can build media matrix to conduct decentralized publicity, thus increasing the promotion width and depth.
Promotion on WeChat Public Account
Through advertorial promotion on mainstream public accounts, we can enhance the brand image and brand effect.
Whitepaper Writing
It is written by professional team and will be used to promote project business models and values.
Business Plan Drawing
It will provide innovative business models, thus highlighting strengths and coordinating corporate strategies.
Community Services
Shenlong Community: It provides market analysis, airdrop, AMA, event promotion, community promotion and Xiao Longnv live show and so on. The viral marketing helps enterprises and projects to obtain big impact.
Market Analysis
It gives operation suggestions on trading points and contract trading, as well as shares hot news and blockchain knowledge.
It helps attract new fans, increase user penetration rate and enhance user loyalty.
It is like online community roadshow which is a good way to promote person and project, thus increasing brand awareness and user identity.
Event Promotion
It will expand the range of users, improve influence and expand the market, thus bringing more economic benefits.
Community Promotion
The bombing spread in thousands of WeChat groups is useful to achieve rapid expansion.
Xiao Longnv Live Show
The promotion on DOYU, HUYA, YIZHIBO and other live video streaming platforms can enhance interactions and attract more fans.
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